Egypt Holidays: Paradise for Watersports Lovers

Holidaymakers with a passion for watersports have almost unlimited choices when going to the Egyptian coast. Best known as a destination for holidaymakers that want to learn more about classical history in Luxor, diving in egypt Cairo and biblical Sinai visitors can also let their hair down in the most modern fashion. The resorts on the Red Sea coast are some of the most popular for Egypt holidays and visitors can enjoy the best watersports and some very modern hotels. The Red Sea coast like Sinai further north is excellent for diving and snorkelling among Egypt’s colourful marine life. รับเพิ่มยอดติดตามไลน์

Among the wildlife visitors can see as they venture further out are small sharks, rays and moray eels. Another difference between diving off of the Red Sea coast and the Sinai coast is that the best dives do tend to be further away from the shoreline on the small islands which holidaymakers can reach by boat, แทงบอลออนไลน์88 often having been organised through their hotels or local dive centres. Umm Gamar Island is one of the better dive sites where visitors can swim through schools of metallic looking glass fish. Divers can also see dolphins anywhere off of the coast but Dolphin house is one of the best places to see them up close, often with their young.

South of Hurghada holidaymakers can visit El Quesir. Although it is relatively small compared to its northern neighbour, El Quseir holidays are very popular for holidaymakers travelling to the warm Red Sea coast for a break away. El Quesir is relatively untouched compared to resorts like Naama and Sharm el Sheikh so it has retained some authentic Egyptian สูตรบาคาร่าออนไลน์ charm which means holidaymakers will enjoy other authentic experiences like sailing traditional Feluccas when the sea is calm.

Because of its historical พีจีสล็อตออนไลน์แตกง่าย significance sightseers will enjoy visiting the resorts around the old port town which now houses an interesting museum in the old fortress. The walled fortress dates back to the sixteenth century and was originally built to protect the trade routes that were used before the Cape of Good Hope became the primary route between the East and West. The fortress has started to fall into a slight state of disrepair as the years have passed but holidaymakers should try to visit while enjoying the coastal watersports. Cannabis store near me

In Luxor holidaymakers can visit the Karnak Temple or the Luxor Temple with the avenue of Sphinxes leading up to its grand entrance. After a trip to the Luxor museum holidaymakers can head in to the desert on an excursion to see the Valley of the Kings before returning for a relaxing afternoon on the Nile sailing Feluccas. For more visit sites here:-


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